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Why choose Pro Consilio Sp. z o.o. [LLC]

Pro Consilio Sp. z o.o. [LLC] is one of the very few Real Estate Agency, which in such a comprehensive and professional manner can take care of all aspects of the purchase of a real estate in Poland. We have the knowledge, relevant experience and qualified personnel, which will ensure Your success in the planned transaction. We will provide You the full extent of the legal, notary and tax services. You are guaranteed with success of the transaction when settling all very important elements of the purchase/sale contract in one office.

If You will use our services we will prepare for You listings meeting Your expectations, we will participate together with You while visiting the real estate, we will verify the documentation of the property, prepare the purchase contract protecting Your interests, we will also arrange and participate in the appointment at the notary office. We may take care of legal and tax related aspects of the sell or purchase of a real estate as well. All this with peerless commitment of the entire team of Pro Consilio Sp. z o.o. [LLC]

Pro Consilio Sp. z o.o. [LLC] is a professional real estate agency seated in Grodkow. Pro Consilio Sp. z o.o. [LLC] bases its business activities on a trusted personnel, made up of experienced professionals who are ready to make every effort to meet all Your expectations. We have the experience, infrastructure, after-sales services and know-how and thanks to that, we can from the beginning to the end guide You in looking for a perfect real estate.


Our team of professional agents is made up of people, who are very familiar with the local area, which will allow You to avoid unpleasant surprises. We will help You choose the right location, which will meet Your expectations, because it is important not only to find a suitable real estate, but also to find it in the right place.

We do not want to overwhelm You with too many listings that can only partially fulfill Your expectations. Instead, we will carefully choose the set of relevant offers that will meet the criteria You chose for the property. After choosing the most suitable listings we can arrange visual inspections in the specific properties.

Our real estate agency Pro Consilio Sp. z o.o. [LLC] offers its customers a reliable and verified listings that are for sale mostly in regions of Opole Silesia and Lower Silesia.


Ladies and Gentleman,

I hope You will find here the complete information about us, as well as about how we can help You. If You are considering the purchase of a real estate in Opole Silesia or Lower Silesia, or any other place in Poland, we are eager to help You and we will gladly take care of everything.