ABC of buying a property


Real Estate BusinessNegotiations

If You will decide to buy a property (house, apartment, investment lots, premises for business activities) we will prepare for You the most suited offer of properties which meet the criteria specified by You. We will negotiate on Your behalf to get the best price without losing sight of criteria to be met by the property sought.

We represent Your interests and certainly will think of any additional aspects and conditions of sale and put them in a properly prepared contract. We will review all records and notes of the agreement and will make sure that the entire agreement is consistent with Your expectations, meeting the most favorable conditions for You.


Real estate reservation agreement

Once You agree to the proposed price and terms of sale, the contract of the property reservation will be drawn up. At that time the advance payment will be required. Its amount depends on the purchase price. After the payment of an advance, the property will be removed from the list of properties for sale and will remain reserved for You for the time specified in the reservation contract.


As the real estate office, previously we do check on Your behalf the credibility of the seller, as well as the property itself. In order to do that we go to the land registry office and/or get acquainted with all the documents and permits presented to us by the developer or owner of the property.

It is important to draw up a reservation contract as soon as possible because it is the only way to be sure that the property is reserved exclusively for You.


Buying property as an investment

If You buy the real estate with the intention of renting the property and earning on this investment, our real estate agency may transfer all of the settlements with the Tax Authority in Poland to our Tax Department, which 20 years of experience in providing legal and tax services will ensure reliable and safe tax settlements. We’ll help You find an honest property manager and we can provide legal and tax services for Your property.


The preliminary agreement


Once everything is already checked and approved by the Notary and by each of the parties, the so called preliminary agreement will be drawn up.

This contract will specify the price, terms of purchase/sale and the date of signing the final contract.
This is not a mandatory action, You can also proceed to purchase/sale transaction immediately.

At the time of signing the preliminary contract, the buyer must pay an advance for the future (final) contract, depending on the value of the property. It is often calculated as 10% to 30% of the property value. The final amount of the advance shall be agreed before signing the preliminary agreement. The cost of preparing a preliminary agreement in the form of a notarial deed shall be borne by the buyer.


The title of ownership

At the date specified in the preliminary contract, or the date specified during the negotiations (if the preliminary agreement wasn’t signed), the contract of purchase/sale in the form of a notarial deed will be signed at the notary’s office.

The notary verifies the identity of both parties of transaction, reads the agreement of purchase/sale prepared in the form of the notarial act. Then the agreement is signed by the parties to the transaction, after which each party receives an excerpt of the notarial deed in as many copies as they need. Each excerpt is paid additionally. In order to make the transaction easier and faster, all costs may be paid by our Real Estate Agency. These costs however, previously agreed by the notary must be paid to our bank account before signing the contract of purchase/sale at the notary’s office.



Above we outlined the general description of the purchase of a property in Poland but we always provide all the necessary help and support for all of our Clients. We support You during the process of purchase, as well as after the transaction.

We work with the best specialists in both legal and tax areas.

Call us and find out 🙂