Tax advisory

Young couple moving in new homeTax charges
Costs associated with the sale or purchase transaction are dependent on many factors. Therefore, it is difficult to identify one, main principle of taxation of such transactions. It depends on whether the property is purchased from a developer or a natural person (not conducting business activity), or whether it is a cooperative member’s right of ownership, investment land or a house. That’s why we will be able to the give You the information about full additional costs related to polish taxation of purchase/sale when we will know what property You are looking for. We will give You this information early enough that You can calmly analyze whether the transaction is attractive for You.


Local taxes

Of course among taxes there are also those to be paid annually, such as municipal tax or tax on real estate and local taxes. They are already known in advance. Depend on the type and size of the property. Before purchasing You will be able to know the full information about a property tax burden. We will draw up for You the first declaration of property tax. If You want we may take care of tax settlements and the administration of Your property on the basis of a separate agreement.